Amir Rahman

Full Stack Developer | Data Scientist & Analyst | AI Engineer
  • LocationSingapore

About Me

My name is Amir, I am an analytical problem-solver, eager to improve systems and processes with innovative ideas. I have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement, whether at school, home, or within myself. I enjoy logical reasoning and complex problem-solving. I approach life by analyzing the theory behind what I see.

Currently I have graduated from Singapore Polytechnic having studied and mastered the Diploma in Applied AI and Analytics.

What I'm Doing

Data Analysis & Analytics

I like to study raw real life data and understand them. Then I perform Exploratory Data Analysis on the data and generate profile reports to see more specifc and important details like correlations between variables that will help to make business descisions.

Full Stack Web Development

Developing secure, efficient, and scalable web applications and web-based management systems by writing standard, well-documented, and efficient codes. After which, the websites are hosted on servers or virtual machines with domain names so that they can be shared or publicized.

Machine and Deep Learning

Creating machine learning and deep learning models based on the context and complexity of the problem statement how large the data input is. Choosing the right algorithms and fine tuning them to perform predictions or forecasting for categorical or numerical analysis (eg. Classification/Regression).




Singapore Polytechnic
Diploma in Applied AI and Analytics
Bartley Secondary School
2017 — 2020
GCE O Level


Trainee Data Analyst
February 14th 2024 - June 13th 2024
At Goodhope Asia Holdings LTD
Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Intern
September 9th 2023 to February 9th 2024
At Medical Insurance Company
Apple Service Provider
Feb 2020 - April 2020
At QCD Technology @ Wheelock, Orchard

My Skills

HTML CSS JS Bootstrap Jquery Python MySQL NodeJS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) English Tamil Adobe Premier Adobe Photoshop Bootstrap 5 Wordpress Microsoft Office Google Suite

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

Leo Club Legacy of Singapore

As Director of Technology in the Board of Directors (BOD), I take care of the club website and other technical matters related to the club/

Contributing to the purpose of improving Youth Mental Health

Networking with like-minded individuals during gatherings

CASA - Social Enterpise

Working on custom food recommender program for them using Deep Learning


Passed down the club and stepped down as President since term was over, but was approached by AISG and AWS to organize Deep Race Dash 2023, hosted at AISG. I led the organization of the event and gathered 200 participants from Secondary, JC and Tertiary Eductation (Polytechnics).

As President, organized PentaHack - a 1 week hackathon in collaboration with the 4 polytechnics in Singapore.

Became President of the club after participating and successfully creating Human Counter Project using Computer Vision

SP Indian Cultural Club (SPICS)

Joined on recommendation of a friend and to mix with other Indians in the school for festive events. Got to mix with others who speak Tamil (more comfortable).

SP Canoe Polo Club

Joined for a short while for exercise as I acquired 1 Start Kayaking certification in Secondary School, aiding me in easily using a kayak or canoe to play.

SP Judo Club

Joined for a short while for exercise based on the recommendation of a friend and learnt some defensive and offensive techniques for basic protection.



A Statistical Study on Youth and Drugs

A Statistical Study on Youth and Drugs

How to Create Multi Authentication with Multiple Table in Laravel

AISG Student Outreach Programme Launch

Singapore Tonight - 27 July 2022



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